Less is More: Relax, Breathe and Stop Trying So Hard

Meadow Run Farm in Griffin, Georgia
Hosted by Coaches Diane Loffmin and Nicole Parks

Flip the script on your overwhelm with this introductory equine-assisted coaching workshop.

Learn How To

Take Time Out To Ultimately Accomplish More In Your Life, By BecomIng A Human "Being" Instead Of A Human "Doing."


Know How To

Connect With Your Intention, And Leave Sure Of Exactly Where To Start To Get Where You Really Want To Go.

Discover How To

Create Healthy Boundaries That Allow You To Function At The Highest Level In Your Personal And Professional Life.

Get a Free 30-Minute Phone Coaching Session On Any Issue. 
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Quiet + Connection = Clarity

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Meet Your Coaches: Diane Loffmin

Taking my lifelong love of horses on its logical path I have become a committed student of Equitation Science and Ethology, with particular focus on Equine Management and Behavior. In addition, the practical education of living day to day with my intact herd gives me personal insight into the unique perspective that horses provide, which enables them to help us be better and more cooperative humans. I see the energy with which I work with horses as the expression of my passion for life.

I am a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor with a post-Master's certification in Equine-Assisted Mental Health from the University of Denver and an Advanced Certification in Equine Assisted Coaching from the ICF-approved Equine Alchemy Coach Training program. These credentials are what they are, but mostly I just feel I'm here to support the horses and to assist people in processing the learning and healing they provide so well.


Meet Your Coaches: Nicole Parks

Nicole Parks is an Equine-Assisted Life Coach dual certified through the Equine Alchemy Coach Training Program and the International Coaching Federation. She helps equestrian women lose weight along with a lifetime's worth of emotional baggage. Nicole is an Emmy-Award winning journalist, a wildlife ambassador handler and a Western Dressage enthusiast. She believes in the power of horses to unleash potential and heal people at the deepest level.


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